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We appreciate of course that different clients will have different expectations and understanding of the editing process, for this reason we have provided a category-specific menu covering the following broad disciplines: 

In addition to any special requests ALL edits receive the following basic checks (depending on your document type, or your specific requests):

  • typographic errors and annoying things missed by conventional spellcheckers (e.g., from/form, its/it's)

  • US/UK spellchecking (ise/ize, our/or etc.)

  • verb tense and agreement

  • sentence structuring

  • consistency of style (hyphenation, quotation marks, serial commas, heading case, use of caps, fonts, line spacing, indenting etc.)

  • adherence to specific requests or a house style

Academic documents are also edited for:

  • citation format consistency

  • reference formatting and matching

  • third-person voice

Please take a look at our Services page and see details of what we can do for you.

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